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Hans Swim

Hello, my name is Hans and I am the creator of this website. My tumor was discovered accidentally in 2007 when I volunteered for medical study requiring a brain MRI. After surgery I was diagnosed with anaplastic astrocytoma grade 3. I lived peacefully in remission until 2017 when MRI scans showed that my tumor had begun to grow.

My recurrence happened during a time in my life in which I knew nothing of the metabolic theory of cancer and had instead been trying to build muscle, ‘bulking up’ or what the british call ‘pumping’. This involved eating enormous amounts of food and drinking protein shakes daily. As I grew, so did my tumor and I underwent a second crainiotomoy within months.

The correlation between my trying to ‘bulk up’ and my tumor beginning to grow again was evidence enough for me that I should pursure metabolic approaches to controlling my cancer.

I began pursuing the ketogenic diet to prevent further growth of my tumor. I kept myself in ketosis for the duration of my six month chemotherapy regimen (temozolomide) and hope that the combination of the two was effective. This disease is never cured and I have a long way to go to safety but this January 2018 will make a year of stability.

Tumor 2007

My well differentiated tumor when it was first discovered in 2007. Much has changed since.

At the moment I am restricting my eating to the hours of 2pm-8pm, on an anti-inflammatory diet and water-fasting for three days every month. Any diet outside of ketosis is considered risky for cancer patients as the tumors always recur in the animal models. I decided to take a risk and try living in glycosis. At the slightest sign of tumor growth I will return to ketosis and stay there indefinitely.

I’ve created this website to provide others with the links and resources that I have found so helpful in my own journey.

I worked personally with Sarah Jadin and recommend her highly.

Here is a small sample of my own glucose and ketone tracking.(chart of my own data)

Feel free to contact me via twitter @hschoenburg with questions or suggestions for the site

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