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Great resources worth reading

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Below is a list of the books I have found most useful in my efforts.

Ellen Davis Fight Cancer with a Ketogenic Diet* by Ellen Davis A very practical and helpful guide. Great for getting started. Also generally available as a free ebook.

Keto for Cancer Keto For Cancer by Miriam Kalamian Miriam Kalamian has written a very practical and helpful book for those using the keto diet to control the growth of their cancers. She lost her young son to brain cancer and has graciously continued to work on behalf of those fighting the disease.

In-depth research and historical background

Cancer Cancer as a Metabolic Disease by Dr. Seyfried Intended primarily for his colleagues in the cancer research field, this book is this treatise on using ketosis to control tumor growth.

Tripping Tripping Over the Truth, The Metabolic Theory of Cancer by Travis Christofferson A great historical overview of the history of the metabolic theory of cancer. Dr. Seyfried’s book is a bit technical and dense. He recommends this as a more friendly deep dive.

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