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Keto and Chemo

Tips for staying in ketosis during chemotherapy

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Chemotherapy makes you naeuseaus and so can the ketogenic diet. However, in keeping with the “press pulse” strategy using keto as the “press” and chemotherapy as the “pulse” we can hopefully bring acute stress upon tumor cells. Water fasting is one tactic to adopt before and during rounds of chemotherpy.

Research has found that “Fasting may also protect patients against the harmful side effects of chemotherapy or radiation therapy…”

“Cancer and Fasting / Calorie Restriction” - UCSF Osher Center for Integrative Medicine

For more research on fasting and the keto diet during chemotherapy, look to Dr. Valter Longo and his lab. Fasting-like diet turns the immune system against cancer” USC News 7/12/2016”

Check with your oncologist first before pursing a keto diet or water fast during a chemotherapy round. Mine did not object and so I pursued a combination of water fasting and the keto diet during my rounds of chemo (Temozolomide).

Below are some tips from my own personal experience undergoing rounds of treatment with the chemotherapy drug Temozolomide while also keeping myself in strong ketosis.

** Get your ketones up.** Try to achieve the strongest ketosis you can before begining a chemotherapy round. This can be achieved via the keto diet or water fasting. Again consult your oncologist and watch your weight carefully.

** Vary the food you eat.** The foods you eat during a round of chemotherapy will become ‘tainted’ by association with the nausea of the treatment. You will soon find yourself associating the nausea of the chemo with whatever foods you have been eating. Save some recipes for the end of the chemo round so that you can transition to new ‘untained’ foods.

Expect your recovery to be slower. Tactics such as the keto diet or water-fasting add to the overall stress of the chemotherapy round. It will take your body 1-2 days extra to recover from the chemo round if you chose to stay in ketosis. It sucks, but this is a potent treatmnent combination, “press pulse” at its best. Killing cancer is not fun and does not feel great but you can do it!

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