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Talking with your oncologist

The difference between neutral and negative

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Always be sure to speak with your oncologist before adding any new therapies to your treatment regimen. If you have chosen to pursue the ketogenic diet, and I hope you have, then prepare yourself for a possibly negative but hopefully neutral response from your doctor.

In the United States, official medical standards of care do not include the ketogenic diet for cancer. This will hopefully change in the near future, but in the meantime most oncologists will stick to the script and tell you there is no evidence to support metabolic therapies for cancer.

A good oncologist will tell you they ‘do not object’.

Neutrality is the best you are going to get from an oncologist practicing in the US today. Keep them informed and keep on with ketosis.

If you get a negative response. Don’t be afraid to push back. While your doctor may argue that there is insufficient data to support metabolic therapies for cancer like the ketogenic diet, there is no data to support the claim that the ketogenic diet is contraindicated (aka bad) for cancer treatment. If your doctor opposes your pursuit of ketosis, ask them to provide evidence to support their opposition. This discussion is very important. Keeping an honest and open channel of communication with your doctor is critical. They need to know everything you are doing.

Do not hide anything from your doctor.

You do not always have to take their advice, but be sure to always inform them of the treatments you are choosing to pursue.

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