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Not your trendy keto diet

mainstream keto diets versus cancer fighting ketosis

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Keto for Cancer

The keto diet is quickly growing in popularity. From “Paleo” to “Keto”, high-fat and low-carb diets and recipes are very popular right now. As a cancer patient looking to follow a ketogenic diet, this can be very confusing.

  1. Your macros are much more restrictive. Consult an expert to personalize your numbers as it varies individually. But know that 25g of carbs total each day and 0.8g of protein per kg of lean body mass is around the most you will be able to eat and still reach a cancer-fighting ketone-level.

  2. Your target blood ketone levels are higher. While any level of ketosis is good, you will want to push further than the average keto enthusiast. Read more here Tracking the Glucose Ketone Index.

  3. The recipes you follow are not on trendy food blogs. Most ‘paleo’ and ‘keto’ recipes you find online or in books include too many carbs and protein. You will need to learn to add more fat to your diet in all sorts of ways. The recipes provided on this website designed to help you reach your goal amount of fat each day while consuming as little of your carb and protein quotas.

  4. Dont lose too much weight. Be sure to track your weight alongside your ketones each day. Keeping your ketones up while not losing weight is hard at first but keeping up your fat intake is important, especially if you want to add water fasting to your regimen as well. more on water fasting

  5. Beware of hidden carbs. From lotions to sugar alcohols to supplements, hidden carbs add Consult an expert. They will have answers for tricky questions, like which sugar alcohols are ok and whether a supplement or lotion might have hidden carbs.

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